Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Plastic Bits

Here's some plastic for trade, mostly Perry Brothers WOTR stuff.

If anyone has an interest in any of this, let me know! I'm looking for these figures

EM4/Moonraker/Forlorn Hope reporter

Cobblestone Casting Future War Corporate Babe
EM4/Forlorn Hope/Moonraker Suit with Uzi

And a few odds and ends, found here 

If nothing suits you but still interested, I'm sure I can accomodate. The same goes if you have no interest but one of the figures or bits. Thanks for looking

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lead Reduction

Ive been sorting through my lead and find that many are surplus to needs. Please have a look and drop a comment if interested. At this point I am more interested in selling than trading. Will ship most places.

OOP Empire Foot Command BSB 10$

OOP Empire Flagellant 3$

Artizan Designs desperado-3$

Ral Partha 3-Stage fighter 3$

Foundry Darkest Africa 3$

OOP 40K Last Chancer 4$

Judge Quincy from Mongoose/Warlords 5$

Foundry Darkest Africa 3$

Foundry Darkest Africa 3$

SJS Judge 4$

Cobblestone Castings Mongol 8$

Foundry Home Guard Heros 15$

OOP Empire Foot Command Musician 10$

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kitbashing-The difference between buying bits for fantasy vs. historic

Recently, I've been doing a lot of packing, as I'm moving house soon. I took a few minutes recently to work on building/ converting a drummer, which you'll see later in the post.

Given Victrix's occasionally lackadaisical attachment of bod to sprue, I found myself with a drummer bod whose collar/neck join had been pretty damaged, as this was where it was joined to the sprue, and I have fairly incompetent fingers. Instead of putting it to the side (as I'm not a large fan of building drummers or standard bearers anyway) I decided to use this guy for some conversion work.

After I finished what I could do, I started to look on the web for heads. My first visit was to Warlord games, hoping to pick up one of their late line sprues, as they have a head in pokalem AND with the collar sculpted on, which was what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, this was listed as out of stock. Ebay gave me nothing, and the couple bits sellers that break down historical boxes had nil.

This made me wonder. There are plenty of online shops and ebay sellers that break down bit by bit Warhammer and such for indvidual sale, great for snagging stuff for conversion, but this is almost nonexistent for the historical gamer. Is it because most people use the box to build and do less conversion work? But what about Renaissance warfare, where there is still a lot of leeway in uniform? Just look at Captain Blood's thread--full of conversion work! Is it because the mass, unindividual battalions discourage embellishment? Is there just not a market for historical bits sellers? If someone had an ebay store that broke down Perry/Victrix?Warlord, would anyone frequent it? I'd love your opinions

Here's the drummer:

I said above I hate drummers-mostly because I hate the idea of delicate little drumsticks breaking off. I found this picture trawling online and decided to do a riff on it.

I started with a Perry Brothers Zouave drum, as this had a slight depression in it as opposed to Victrix's peg-and-hole set up, and it fit better into the back.

 I did some cutting of the strap that normaly hangs down to get it to look as it was laying on the drum, which seemed more
normal/natural to me. As I said, the collar of the body was pretty messed up, so I carved it off in anticipation for the Warlord head. I also cut the peg off of the drum apron.

Additionally, if anyone has this sprue, or just the pokalem head surplus, let me know.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Work on the Saleen-6MMRPC

Well, loving the recent Mad Max film made me dig out my Saleen S7 model kit to see if I could  make any headway.

 I haven't painted a model kit in ages, and I don't think that fact is hidden all that much here. Painted the frame with some acrylics and several sized brushes, but I fear there's an awful lot of brush strokes visible. That's going to be a hard nut to crack, I feel.

I am moderately happy with the interior, though. I think it could do with a little more spice, but such is the state of things.

Also, if anyone has a spare SAS head from the Perry plastic Desert Rat kit, drop a line?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Impassable Terrain

With the school year winding down and the beginning transition to camp imminent, plus several doctor's appointments, I tried to sit down one evening and work on some scatter terrain. I had been kicking this idea around of a Johnny Appleseed/St. Francis of Assisi character for my game. Basically, an old mercenary general who'd turned his back on the Long War and devoted his life to building aid houses.

I had three real points of inspiration that I tried to cram into one.

Clootie Wells/Trees

The Wailing Wall

Old-timey town notice boards

I had originally decided to combine the first and last into a simple, sturdy post (perhaps something near a town center) that would be covered in the votive ribbons of pilgrims and topped with something quasi pagan/archaic/religious.

As I was laying it out, I couldn't get the ribbons to lay right, neither looking suitably random or clumped as I felt they should as independent tributes should. They just looked too placed.

Going back to my original sketch, I felt that the ruined wall might be visually stronger. Also, I think it goes better with the fluff. Now I just need to find a mid-Eastern ruined building. Your thoughts?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Without fear of opposition

Of the hand of glory, which is made use of by housebreakers, to enter into houses at night, without fear of opposition.

If your purpose is to enter a house, secretly and unopposed, you will find no object more suited to your purpose than a Hand of Glory. Though rare, given their highly illegal and unpleasant nature, a Hand has many benefits to the thief who wields it.

The left hand cut from a murderer gibbeted at a king's road crossways, it must be squeezed dry of all blood, smoked with reginal and Luplind sisame. Then a candle should be made with the fat of the man, and the wick should be of his hair.

It's power is such that whoever bears it has no fear of opposition, rendering all other persons immobile, and giving light only to the one who holds it.

Given the abilities attributed to the Hand of Glory, it is no wonder that many ordinary corpses have  been found hastily reburied, bereft of either hand. Hands of Glory from Dennar seem to be especially prized.

In Game

  1. The candle burns quickly and the hand itself can only be used with candles from the same cadaver, making these one use items.
  2. Your item may be a fake. 
  3.  Ignore difficult terrain.
  4. Any enemies in base contact are immobilized.
  5. Given the reputation of the item, certain factions and NPCs will not join your party, and may try to attack you. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

6MMRPC Round 2 Goals

I need to begin with some admissions.
1. I kinda lost steam with the challenge last time around, mostly because
2. There have been a lot of personal things that have kept me from having time for or interest in painting, building, looking at anything hobby-related.

However, I feel like I'm on ( or getting on) track again, and I wanted to use the challenge to, if not dive in head first, than at least get my feet wet.

I saw Tower of the Archmage had set some goals for himself over on his blog, so I wanted to follow suite, as my thoughts on miniatures has changed in some respects. I do still want too do collections for several periods in time, however, fooling around with one of the games that first got me into the hobby (Mordheim) as well as watching/playing console games such as Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, and the Witcher series is beginning to leave an impact on the game I want to play. One of the things I love about those games, and perhaps missing (or maybe just missed by me) from a lot of skirmish level games is a greater sense of narrative. Curiosity. In the Souls games, you learn more about the story through fluff gleaned from npcs and item descriptions. You as the player spend as much time trying to learn about the world as you do rolling out of the way of sword-stroke.

That in mind, I have a few goals of my own to incorporate into my challenge.

1. Terrain-A look at the fabulous Gardens of Hectate is all that's needed to see how much terrain really does influence game narrative, and this is an aspect of the hobby I've ignored too much in the past.

2. Actually assemble plastic! I've got a small bits box, sorted by pieces, and some clumped into figures I "want" to build, and it's time now.

3. Get better at painting, and don't get frustrated.

4. Try to avoid GW plastics. I like some product as much as the next guy, but for the game I want to build, I'm going to try to avoid Games Workshop as much as I can. Again, nothing against the company, but they are somewhat too distinctive. That being said, there are things I have in mind that can only happen with GW parts. So figure that out.

5. Expand my bits box. I need more plastic sprues. There's a list lower down if you have any to trade/sell

6. Finish half-built kits.

7. Have modeling/building be a positive reward for me to unwind with. Related to that, I need to post more here.



  • Gripping Beast-Any of their plastic releases
  • Victrix-Ditto
  • Warlord Games-ECW Infantry, riders, all ancient boxes, USMC
  • Perry-Napoleonic French, anything from their WOTR/HYW sets
  • Mantic-Kings of War Ghouls/Zombies